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Steel erection services encompass the positioning, aligning and securing of metal components within a steel frame.

We can help with building and erecting full building frames ranging from smaller domestic builds such as conservatories right up to larger-scale industrial buildings. We are also skilled in working on reinforcements and extensions for buildings and structures already built. We can offer a fully integrated service for designing, fabrication, transportation and erection of mainframe structural steelwork.

We can offer early costing advice on all aspects of the project, managing any risks and developing amazing designs. Steel erecting is the process of installing and dismantling structural steel building frames and engineering projects. Usually, this will involve crane assists, mobile elevated work platforms and scissor lifts so that the work can be completed to a very high standard.

Steel erection services encompass the positioning, aligning and securing of metal components within a steel frame. We make sure that everything is planned and constructed carefully by paying care and attention to every detail and by using the right equipment for the job. We train, manage and control our resources. Doing all of this makes the process quick and problem-free!

It only makes perfect sense that such large-scale and heavy work is carried out by highly skilled and experienced workers in this industry. We can deploy, erect, accelerate or vary works in order to meet client demands by working closely with our estimators and design resources. We can deliver on time and within budget.

Our team of engineering experts all have the right skills to make sure that your project comes together and completely meets all of the relevant UK health and safety regulations. Most of all they make sure your structural steel design project looks amazing once finished!


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