RSJ Steel Beams

Our beams are measured and customisable precisely to meet your requirements.

Alb Steel is the number one supplier of RSJ beams (Rolled Steel Joists) and we can supply further out. Every one of our joists is expertly and accurately fabricated, drilled and painted for your needs. RSJ beams are also known as I-beams, H-beams and numerous other names.

Our beams are measured and customisable precisely to meet your requirements. We have a large steel beam stock so that we can supply you quickly with the construction steel you require and we can deliver it to you.

Below is some information about the different RSJ beams we stock and can supply:
Universal Beams – An I shaped beam but also described as an H shaped beam. They are always higher than their width and their sizes can range from 127mm high to 915mm high. In terms of their dimensions, 1st dimension is the height, 2nd is the width and 3rd is the weight in kilos per metre.

Universal Beam/Column – Again describes as an I or H shaped beam. Sizes from 100mm to 300mm high. These particular beams are designed to be used as posts or columns owing to their reduced height and increased strength. They come in standard sizes and the height and widths are always the same.

Parallel Flange Channel – Known as a C beam. These will range from 50mm high to 400mm high. These have been known to be referred to as RSC (Rolled Steed Channel) and may still be requested.

Get in touch with Alb Steel to get more information about steel RSJs and our other beam products which we have in stock. We make sure that all of our customers get the best service from us during the fabrication to measure, transportation and installation of steel RSJ beams.


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